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DarkShadow8181's News

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - January 18th, 2011

Since the beginning of this year, I've been reorganizing myself. I need to be productive. The past few years I have not been animating or even drawing as much as I would have liked to. I couldn't keep the promise I made to myself to be active and productive. It got to the point where I couldn't even bring myself to animate when others asked me to for collabs. So I apologize to those people, who I've let down. Especially those who I've let down on several small occasions (Hi Luis. Sorry.)

This whole year, to me, is about starting new. Starting on the right foot. Making a name for myself. Being where I want to be. In the past, Newgrounds has been amazing to me. I even got my first tablet from here. I was even lucky enough to be able to join, a now dead group of animators. The RWD. For someone who wasn't known very well in the Newgrounds community, I was given an amazing start. Now, I'm going to give back what Newgrounds has given to me. Awesomeness.

As a start, I'm moving away from this old Darkshadow8181 name. I plan to upload all my new cartoons under the name Fungasm ( http://fungasm.newgrounds.com/ ), to match my Deviantart name. I also plan to cross-post all my animation onto a new youtube account I have made, FungasmTube. ( http://www.youtube.com/fungasmtube ).

I really want to be active on Newgrounds again. I look back and see all the awesome collabs and flashes that inspired me when I just started out, and I regret not being more active in the community sooner. Newgrounds is an amazing place, and I want to help make it even better. The same way it made me even better, by giving me inspiration to even start animating in the first place.

tl;dr: I'm starting new and moving to the name Fungasm. All my old cartoons will stay on this Darkshadow8181 account. All new ones will be on the new Fungasm one.

Much love.

also, here's a small facial expression loop for your amusement.

A new start. A new name

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - November 1st, 2010

So I saw this as a post on Reddit, and thought I'd cross post the images here.









These are stills from a new Tim Burton Film it seems. What do you guys think of them? Hopefully it's a better than corpse bride was... The pictures do look pretty awesome.

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - August 10th, 2010

This has been circulating around the internet, and especially DeviantArt, like wildfire. Please go over and read the article:

http://kaitol.com/how-to-hire-an-artis t/

A copy-paste from a journal on DA I read regarding this, which I feel the same about.

Now, there is something here that must be pointed out - this guy is able to exploit the artistic community because we as a collective fail to educate ourselves about how the business of art goes. He would not be able to write this if every artist out there, new and old alike, took an initiative in learning about pricing, contracts, and the like. The reason he says professional artists cost an arm and a leg is exactly BECAUSE they know what they're doing - and the rest of us who are just willing to work for pennies, or because we need cash now; well, we're the ones who get the short end of the stick.

Now discuss.

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - January 5th, 2010

Hey guys. I thought I would tell you that over at my Deviantart page, I'll be hosting animation and art weekly challenges. Which is also good for practice. This week, for animation, is to make a spinning head. For the art one, draw a bird. http://fungasm.deviantart.com/journal/
A new challenge every week.


EDIT: Thanks to Luis, you'll also get to do these weeklies via the forums here, for those of you who don't have Deviantart accounts and whatnot. So here. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 35496

Animation and Art Weeklies

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - December 21st, 2009

I thought I would put up a list of animations that I need to work on as a reminder to myself. Here are most of the things I've failed to work on, but will finish. Not starting up any new project until these are all done.

-"The Middle" music video
-Joy Division collab part (sorry oryo, still haven't finished) ;c
-Tons of Animations... 1
-Emolad Episode 1
-Oswald T.L.R. Cartoon set to Hungarian rhapsody 2
-Sonic short (thinking of canning it)
-Holden the Bee flash GAME
-"The Wild Sea" zelda wind waker music video
-"Bodman Bunny" music video
-8Bit cartoon Theater collab (probably will be canned also)
-"Libido Activated" music video

-Feature length animated film (not starting on this one for a few years, but its based on that gold plated hat character I have) <:

So yeah. That's not the exact order of things I'll do them in. I'll probably just do which one I have more done on first...yeaaah. K LETS GO. AH. ANIMATION AHOY.

Animation update

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - October 15th, 2009

Hey guys. I've been a bit busy with things and have been doing well.

I thought i might as well post some cartoons for you to enjoy.so... enjoy these while you can.

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */
That's all. <:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - July 4th, 2009

Hey guys. I've been a bit separated from the internet for a while. Although I haven't gone anywhere, I've been kind of in a slump lately. I'm in the middle of doing several things, including a game, a few other animations, switching DA accounts, doing comics, etc. I haven't been visiting Newgrounds as often as I should be.

I'm impressed that Newgrounds has shown more interest in Gaming and Art, which is all good and fun. But it seems slightly that animations are getting slowly pushed aside. I know they plan to even it out eventually, so that's not what I'm worried about. Within the same topic, away from Newgrounds, It has concerned me for quite some time that Cartoon Network and the Movie industry is moving father and farther away from 2D animation. With the exception of The Princess and the Frog or whatever. This has been an ongoing thing and from the looks of it, it seems that Cartoon Network will eventually crash in it's own mistake. And the movies will continue to push onto us with more 3D animation.

I've been thinking about this greatly for a while now. I've taken note of how Newgrounds started out with just one Tom Fulp, and turned out to be a full team of people and supporters that contribute and keep it in it's greatness daily. Newgrounds/The Behemoth has come out with great games for consoles and have shown that people can make great things. Now where does the animation come into all this? Well I propose that along with making games, Newgrounds should also gear towards making full animated 2D feature films. I'm sure it would be possible with all the great animators, musicians, and voice actors out there.

All we would need to start is a concept to base the movie on. From there we can do storyboards and pre-production work. This would have to have a lot of organization and support to be done though. I would gladly offer myself to be a director or main animator for a Newgrounds made movie. I can envision a bunch of animators I know and admire to want to do something like this as well. Newgrounds can become what Disney once was as the lead in the 2D animation industry. Hopefully done with pure FBF goodness, and no tweening unless for BG purposes, such as pans.

I'm sure a lot of you are tired of seeing 3D movies, as am I. Though with the greatness that 3D can provide, it doesn't have the same feeling you get when watching 2D movies or cartoons. So imagine having a movie in theaters made by Newgrounds. I would assume this would be right up Newgrounds' alley, as Newgrounds has been the home of tons of animations crawling with great ideas and creativity. I haven't thought of all the details on how this would play out yet, as it's just a general idea right now.

So tell me what you guys think. I for one would be amazed if Newgrounds produced movies. It's not that bad of an idea to me.

Newgrounds movies and other things.

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - May 14th, 2009

I wouldn't mind being the artist. Any programmers or musicians out there?
I have some pretty cool game ideas. maybe.

also, I'll be submitting that collection thing I mentioned in my last post sometime before June.

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - April 10th, 2009

HUZZAH! I'll be turning 18, and thereforeeeee, tomorrow I'll be submitting a collection of several short things I haven't submitted to newgrounds, because I thought they wouldn't do well on their own, or I just didn't due to lazyness. Probably as a RWD submission, as one of the shorts was originally RWD: 002

Also, be sure to participate in Shake The World! go to http://stwpictures.com/ for more information!

lastly, here's a cartoon for your enjoyment.

/* */

Posted by DarkShadow8181 - January 1st, 2009

really. go watch it. A whole marathon of looney tunes. starting from 6am EST. if you dont, i'd be very disappointed in you, for not watching this, but all the other crap CN throws at us.

here's a list of cartoons that'll be airing. http://forums.goldenagecartoons.com/sh owthread.php?t=12362

ENJOY. hopefully this shows a better future for cartoons...

one last thing, take notes from the ANIMATION in these cartoons. they will help you greatly. really. LEARN FROM THEM. k thx.

oh, and happy new year.

Cartoons on CartoonNetwork?!? GASP! go watch